"Had a leak in the toilet seal ring. Discovered when putting in new tile. Rick showed up earlier than he committed to and installed a new closet bend and toilet flange including drilling thru new subfloor/underlayment. This kept me on schedule for the new tile floor - tilers won't need to go on to another job.

I have used Bay Plumbing in the past, including a repair and overhaul of a oil heating system. Boiler had failed during the Feb 2015 cold snap and four sections of pipe had burst. They were out as soon as possible, installed new pipe sections, added isolation shutoffs for the heating zones and did some further upgrades to the newly installed replacement boiler (not installed by them, but I wish it were).

If you haven't used them before, you can expect a prompt call-back (even if it isn't something they can handle). They will show up when promised, They will do a professional job."


"Replaced sink hose for rinsing. Replace water feeder supply hoses. Replaced with the best stainless steel. One hose was extremely difficult to remove. They took the time to replace it without damage."


"Replaced pipe to toilet, shutoff valve, fill valve and flapper. also replaced flapper in 2nd toilet. Job was done quickly and The plumbers cleaned up after themselves. The price was what I was expecting, and everything was very professional."


"It was excellent. Everything is always done up to code."


"I would recommend this company any day of the week."

"When it grew really cold, my kitchen water pipes froze. The pipes in the rest of the house were fine. I called Bayside Plumbing on Saturday to have someone come out and got the answering service. 15 minutes later, I received a phone call from the plumber asking me what my situation was. He said my problem was an easy fix and that I could do it myself if I wanted to and asked if I wanted to try doing it myself or have him come out and do it for me. He said if the pipe burst, he would come out and fix it right away. He walked me through the steps and it turned out it was an easy fix and the pipes didn't burst. Overall, he was very friendly and was looking out for me. Appreciate having honest plumbers."


"Called back same day I placed a service call."

"Showed up next day on time"

"Fixed the problems with two shower control units. One was actually a broken showerhead which was a cheaper thing to fix so I was appreciative of that. "

"Things working just fine after a month."


"I received a call back within 15 minutes of leaving a message with the answering service. Rick and I went back and forth a few times in order to schedule a time convenient to both of us. He was very responsive and called me right back. The plumber that performed my service was great. I wish I could remember his name! He explained everything and was very professional. All in, it took about 2 hours + cost of supplies. I would definitely use them again."


"They showed up right on time and were done in a morning. Given that 2 days later we were hosting a 40th anniversary party (the day after our son got married), we really couldn't wait to get this fixed. Very pleased with the service and the price including parts was reasonable, especially given travel time too. "


"I would say that it was service you don't get now-a-days!"